• What is PR?

    It?s a simple enough question…isn?t it?

    According to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, ?Public Relations is the management of internal and external communication of an organisation to create and maintain a positive image. It involves popularising successes, downplaying failures, announcing changes, and many other activities. It?s about reputation ? the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.?

    Every organisation, no matter how large or small, ultimately depends upon its reputation for survival and success, and in today?s competitive market, reputation can be a company?s biggest asset. With Gemini, your reputation is in a safe pair of hands.


  • PR & Marketing strategy

    Where is your business now? Where do you want it to be? How can a Nottingham-based marketing and PR company help you get there?

    We work closely with our clients to fully understand their business needs and establish the answers to these fundamental questions.

    Experienced in business-to-business, business-to-consumer, public and third sector PR, our expertise lies in seeing the bigger picture and creating innovative, yet realistic, PR? and marketing strategies to?help your organisation thrive.


  • Media relations

    Gemini’s forte: building and maintaining relationships with the media.

    Whether the media outlet be local, national, trade or consumer, Gemini knows them all. ?Our established relationships with the media?means that we are?recognised as a company which knows what we’re doing and won’t let people down. We understand what?stories different types of media are looking for and make sure we capitalise on every?opportunity for our clients.

    Ensuring?that we never let media opportunities for clients ?flutter by?,? it?s our job to:

    ? Become familiar with their target media (our vast industry experience often gives us a head start on this)
    ? Advise on what will get them coverage in their target media, thereby raising their profile with potential customers.
    ? Raise their profile with their target audiences
    ? Liaise with the media on their behalf (taking away the fear of ?saying the wrong thing?)
    ? Stay abreast of industry news and media opportunities
    ? Draft creative and interesting material that will get them noticed


  • Copy writing

    Writing in various?formats and for different audiences is a skill that should not to be underestimated. After all, drafting copy for a website will present a?vastly different task to writing a newsletter article for customers or creating a product description for a trade magazine.

    At Gemini, we?re well-practiced in adapting the style, tone and language used in copy to suit both audience?and purpose.? The wording we draft? for your communications will not only reflect the personality of your business, but ensure that you?re getting the right messages across to the right people, ?in the right way.

    We can work with you to plan, draft , design and produce:

    ? Corporate brochures
    ? Annual reports
    ? Leaflets
    ? Targeted sales documents
    ? Adverts
    ? Award entries
    ? Direct mail
    ? Case studies
    ? Newsletters
    ? Websites
    ? Blogs
    ? …and much more!


  • Website Management

    Websites are the virtual shop window of a business and, as such, it is paramount that they convey the value,?key messages and desired image of a business effectively.

    Gemini?can project-manage your website from conception to completion and beyond, helping with:

    ? Planning the most effective structure, function and content of your website
    ? Drafting the copy ? maximising SEO (search engine optimisation)
    ? Designing the look and style in line with your corporate brand (working closely with our graphic design partners)
    ? Getting it up, running and fully functional
    ? Maintaining and updating its content ? keeping it active, fresh and interesting for your customers, and ranking high on those all important search engines.

    Current website a Cabbage White? We can help you turn it into an Adonis Blue?


  • Social media

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Linkedin and many more internet-based marketing platforms are appearing every day. A 21st Century way of communicating directly with your customers, social media is now a vital tool in the marketing and promotion kit.

    Whilst the fast, interactive and provocative nature of social media is ideal for when businesses wish to convey clear, topical messages or?encourage discussion, its danger becomes apparent when an ill-advised tweet sees a company hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

    At Gemini, we make sure you reap only the benefits of social media, which are plenty: ?from creating and helping you implement a sustained?social media plan, advising you about the right channels to target and to ensuring?that?what you say and how you say it reflects your brand values, Gemini is here to help.


  • Crisis Management

    With the best will in the world, sometimes things just go wrong and a business will face a ?crisis?.

    There are three elements to most definitions of a crisis:

    ? A threat to the organisation
    ? The element of surprise
    ? A short decision time

    Crisis management is the process by which a company deals with an event that threatens the organisation.

    At Gemini, we recognise that crises don?t just happen in regular office hours, so ?you can feel safe in the knowledge that we?ll be on hand for advice and support whenever you need us ? 24:7. Our expertise lies in helping you minimise the impact of a crisis and recommending the best ways to deal with threats before, during and after their occurrence.


  • Event management


    Whether you?re opening a bar and need help with the guest list, planning a? large-scale trade exhibition or a small seminar for internal? staff, we have extensive experience in co-ordinating and project-managing? a wide range of events.

    We are here to:

    ? Attract the right guests
    ? Identify venues
    ? Organise press packs, promotional material, hospitality and invitations
    ? Manage your press office

    From ?caterpillar? right through to ?butterfly?, we?ll ensure each stage of your event? is successful and goes without a hitch.

  • What people say about us

    In the spirit of good PR, here?s what? other people have to say about us:

    ?One of Gemini?s major selling points for us, is that they have become fully immersed in our business and part of the team, which is really important. They took the time to really understand our core business objectives and then help deliver them. What more can you ask for in a PR company??

    Fiona Wright, Director, Central Management Solutions, working on behalf of the Nottingham Business Improvement District

  • Industry experience

    Over the years, the Gemini team has worked for clients across a vast array of business sectors. See below for an overview of our sector experience… is your industry there?:
    Arts ?
    ?Charitable organisations
    Engineering ?
    Food & Drink
    Graphic design
    Homes and Interiors?
    ?Legal Services
    ?Leisure & Sport?
    Public sector
    Public transport
    Pubs & Restaurants
    Social enterprises?
  • Our partners

    Hey, as good as we are, we don?t profess to know it all! We work closely with talented and reliable freelancers and other top local businesses to bring in the skills and services we need to achieve our clients? goals.

    From designers to printers, to photographers and videographers, they all come under the Gemini ?butterfly wings,? with us managing the process; no added complications or separate budgets for our clients.



  • What we do

    Gemini began life in 1990, making us one of the longest-running PR and marketing firms in Nottingham. We pride ourselves upon providing a broad range of PR and marketing ?services to clients which are tailored to meet their individual needs.

    Having established plenty of long-term relationships with clients to whom we are considered an extension of their business, Gemini is able to offer highly effective public relations and marketing services from a position of both knowledge and experience.


  • What we?ve achieved?

    Whether it?s gaining positive coverage on the front page, a TV or radio appearance or co-ordinating a successful event, nothing gives us greater satisfaction than achieving results for a client.


  • Meet the Team


    Dianne Allen is the founder of the agency and managing director of the business. ?She remains personally involved in delivering services to clients. ?

    Dianne has over 25 years marketing and PR experience gained in-house as well as in an agency environment.? Very well-known? within Nottingham?s business community, she is?a board member of the Nottingham United Services Club and a past president of the Nottingham City Business Club.

    She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), as well as being a past chairman of the Nottingham branch of the CIM.?

    When asked about her favourite part of the job, Dianne replied: ? Great PR wins for clients and working with a top team.?


    Judi Coppel is account director at Gemini PR & Marketing with over 15 years? experience of working in a marketing and PR role. She has worked both in-house and for Nottingham-based agencies . Her innovative ideas and close working relationships with clients lead to regular PR successes that help them achieve their business goals.?

    When asked about her favourite part of the job, Judi replied: ?The flutter of excitement at receiving a new brief from a client.? (see what she did there?keeping with the butterfly theme!)

    ?Bio pic

    Lucy Budge?is a?PR consultant at Gemini PR & Marketing. She is a qualified journalist after previously working as a lifestyle features writer and news reporter at the Nottingham Post, and studying journalism at university. She then moved into the world of PR and now has a number of years? experience in the industry.

    Her strong writing and research skills can scoop out the best stories for clients and ensure valuable media coverage. She is also trained in social media management and blogging.?

    When asked about her favourite part of the job, Lucy replied: ?I love writing ? it?s all about discovering a worthwhile and interesting hook for a client and creating a solid story that will be of interest to both the media and consumer.?


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    Pop in! We?re usually busy but can always be persuaded to stop for a quick cuppa!

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Ever heard of the saying ?When a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, it can cause a hurricane in another?? It?s a theory which suggests that even small events can have large widespread consequences...and it?s a theory we believe in passionately here at Gemini PR and Marketing.

As a Nottingham-based PR and marketing company with over 20 years ? experience across a variety of sectors, our creative PR and marketing activities have helped many businesses become one of the brightest in their field ? the ?Red Admirals? of their industries!

With a team well-practiced in implementing small to large scale PR and Marketing activities ? from media relations and copy writing to event management and website creation ? Gemini will guarantee only positive widespread consequences for your business.

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